KRNGY was never much of a blogger, with all the bands we are recording, event we are hosting and merchandise we are making we don't have much time for the blog spot, since 2010 we've set out to be a bit more active on the computer, unfortunately we've missed out on some fantastic events in the past, this page sets out to correct that wrong.

In the Beginning

The KRNGY Logo started somewhere between 2004 and 2006, it had a different name then (until we found out it was a name for an old funk psych band and decided to change it), our first logo was an unprofessional little monster, then came the KRNGY team logo, and now we finally have the three eyed cat for music, the three eyed weasel for movies and a host of others for all our different branches!

Three Eyed Cat Logo and Friends:

Older Logos: