Thursday, July 17, 2014

Make-Overs US tour 2014!

Last year (2013) Make-Overs were invited to play the legendary Hozac Blackout Fest in Chicago (hosted by the Empty Bottle). With only one show planned the two did what they knew best and hit the road to New York and Detroit - playing shows at the Cake Shop, Painted Lady and Donavan's. 

This year however the Make-Overs return for the summer from May 29th to August 14th and so far they have been hitting it hard with shows in Chicago and Cincinnati, with Boston, Philadelphia  New York, Detroit and more coming up.

Dates are still being added, and places are still being confirmed, and if you would like to get the Make-Overs to pay a show in your town, city, basement, club, backyard, house or street fest just hit them up at

Keep an eye on their Facebook event page as things do change and sometimes double bookings can cause confusion, or a bus brakes down, or a tornado hits - you can never be too sure!

Facebook event page - MAKE-OVERS Facebook event page

If you missed one of our shows in Chicago be sure to check the August dates ... It's not too late to get a Make-Over! We'll be there again in August!

31 May -
Do Division Street Festival at the Empty Bottle stage

5 June -
The Whistler, Chicago
With The Man and Werewheels (Be sure to check dates for The Man's tour happening the next two weeks!)

7 June -
Bric an Brac Records, Chicago
With MAMA!
Show starts at 5pm

Note - Bric an Brac sold out on the Make-Overs 12" The Devil's in the Detail", we left one more copy there because we are also running thin on stock.

11 June - Cincinnati
1415 Knowlton Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45223
More info -

13 June - The Comet, Cincinnati - with Butt and Little Trees
4579 Hamilton Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45223
More Info -

23 June - Rake's End, Cincinnati
With Knife The Symphony
more info -

5 July - Denstock
Dorchester, Ma
4th of July PARTY !!!

7July - Midday Records Presents Make-Overs (South Africa) and the Neutrinos!
@ Dusk
301 Harris Ave
Providence, Rhode Island 02909
More info -

10 July - Philadelphia
Bourbon & Branch

13 July - Philadelphia
Kung Fu Necktie with Tyvek and TawainHousing  Project

25 July - Chicago
Moe's Tavern with 
The Man
Son of a Gun
Hollow Mountain

6 August - Detroit
TIMMY's Taco Night @ The Painted Lady

8 August - The Hideout, Chicago

9 August - Basement Show, Chicago

10 August - backyard noise makers, we'll be making some noise in someone's backyard!!! Details soon...

Other than than the tour, Make-Overs have released a bunch of albums in the past two years. They have 7 full length releases, 3 7" releases and a 12" to name just a few.  Considering we have been so behind on all the news I have added a little about each release as well as links on where to get them. I have started from the most recent release to the last one we actually covered in our previous posts, which means I have quite a lot of catching up to do, keep in mind these are only Make-Overs releases, and check in often with the blog for more posts on all the other KRNGY release other than Make-Overs - like Brown Spiders, Spambot, Splinter Sect and more!


Finally we have a band camp page where you can download Make-Overs albums as well as other great KRNGY acts - just follow the link

The Make-Overs latest album, Move Jinx Hand is on there as well as the previous six releases.

Then Make-Overs recently did a EP for Heligator Records (Cincinnati/Denver label)- and all proceeds got to help a library in a refugee camp in Swaziland, every cent goes to the library so it's really a great cause and should be supported by everyone! 

Just before the Heligator EP release we finished our 7th Album - Move Jinx Hand. The album is only available on CD and as a Digital download for the time being, but we'll be making some 12" colored vinyl at the end of 2014 or early 2015. You can buy the album from us at a show, or follow the link

More good news is that Angry Africa Records (Cape Town based label) has just received a shipment of the Make-Overs 'Tapewrom' -  a cassette release of their favorite tracks from the first six albums they released. The tapes are multicolored, sealed so it's a surprise! Artwork by Ello (check out more of her stuff at -

for more links to past releases - we started a post where all we cover is our releases of the past 4 years for Make-Overs, will post link as soon as it's done!

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