Thursday, June 12, 2014

We can't keep up!

We just can't keep up with all the blog posts we need to do! Since I have last posted the Make-Overs (local South African band0 has released three more albums and a single! The Brown Spiders have released their debut album, and are on the verge of releasing their second. They have also have a debut 7" coming out on Chicago based Hozac Records!

KRNGY finally has a working band camp, where you can purchase downloads, the Make-OVers are off on their second US tour, we have had other amazing releases from Splinter Sect, Spambot and upcoming release from Cape Town band - The Straight Suits! 

All in all the last year has been incredibly busy, with hardly any time left to post. So excuse us for not keeping up like we should, soon I will add many different posts concerning all the awesome things, new art, our latest toy line and more!

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