Saturday, June 14, 2014

Introducing Brown Spiders!

Sprung from the surprisingly fertile loins of one half of the Sticky Antlers,Brown Spiders are a nervous duo of ex-juvenile delinquent alley vandals hailing from the suburban backwoods of Kilnerpark.Being the obsessive compulsive malcontents they are,they are anxious to fuck shit up one more time by picking up foreign instruments and wading zombie-like into the murky unknown.Perfectly content in their awkward ineptitute and noisy abandon they forged unblinkingly ahead and against all odds emerged victorious.From a mere pity fuck to a fullblown Roman orgy.So to speak.Short and to the point they are like a swift kick to the balls.Can they be stopped?No.Would you want them to?Yes.But in the best possible way.A beautiful horror of accidents to be gawked at with utter amazement and wonder at how it all came to this...Now boasting extra terror and decibels in the form of bassist and recent addition, Handy Andy. 2+1=3.

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