Tuesday, April 9, 2013

2013 was a great year for KRNGY… read all about it

What's been going on at KRNGY for 2013 too much, but here's everything in one long post!

So we have been super busy this past while, recording, touring, selling merchandise and making videos has left very little time to keep up with blogs and social media sites. However because it's already 2014, and I feel we have missed out on a lot of awesome things (well you have mostly because of our bad online presence), it's only right to fill you in with everything that's been going on! 

STICKY ANTLERS - One of SA's most extreme bands might have stopped playing live, but their legend lives on, and now more than ever people are starting to realize what a great act this was (and how ahead they were in a country where 2009 and 2010 were mostly filled with poor quality DJ's and bands that wouldn't stand out from a line up of one). When Sticky Antlers started most of the South African music scene was not prepared for a band that did not care about the audience or their opinions, that did not try to sound directly like their influences, and that constantly poked at the underbelly of local music scene - yes they were sometime obnoxious and often spoke their mind with tragic results, but someone had to do it, and now even though most South African's are still oblivious to the impact they had, the music industry has changed in a few major ways, and I firmly believe that Sticky Antlers played a very large role in this. 

When the band started home recording was seen as the worst possible thing any local band could do, if tens of thousands weren't thrown into a over priced studio with an overrated recording technician / fancy pants producer, then it just wasn't considered to be any good. Now we have plenty of bands who have adopted the strong DIY spirit, and although the Sticky Antlers weren't the first in South Africa to do this, they started up the idea at a time that it had become very unpopular. They also sold merchandise at their shows, and I mean everything from Shirts to art obscurities (like paintings and plushy dolls and hand made chocolate), and were often confronted by other groups in a very harsh manner - people who went out of their way to tell them that's not how it works and that they are waisting their time - now I see those same creeps with merchandise tables and I wonder… do they realize how hypocritical they are, or are they just stupid… we'll never know, but one thing we do know is that this band opened doorways to new ways of thinking in our country, and reminded many people of the punk spirit and ethics that bands in the past (local and international) had used successfully so many times in history. 

The band became so notorious that they were included in the Punk In Africa documentary and ever since Keith Jones and Deon Maas started screening their documentary all over the world I have had a steady influx of interest in Sticky Antlers. 

Although it was short lived (only from 2008 to 2010), the band that started off with crowds running out the door at their first shows, soon snow-balled beyond original expectations. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end, in 2010 their drone guitarist Damon Civin left to further his studies abroad, they did not feel that they could ever find a replacement so we decided to rather put an end to Sticky Antlers.

They released two albums in their short lifespan, the first was a self titled CD and in 2010 they followed with the "Tupperware Tombstone", a fitting name considering they were calling it quits. The album came out with a limited edition 2 hour DVD, more of a video montage of them recording, goofing off and touring through Cape Town.

You can download both Sticky Antlers albums online, or contact KRNGY if you are interested in physical copies. The albums are currently only available in CD format. 

Sticky Antlers - Self Titled Album

Sticky Antlers - Tupperware Tombstone

But the members of Sticky Antlers all went on to create are other musical projects, from Make-Overs, Spambot, Splinter Sect and Brown Spiders to name a few. Find below some links with more info on their other acts….


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