Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Tasty Tasty Heritage!

The KRNGY logo is having a tasty tasty heritage day with the Make-Overs and you are all invited!

We've invited three guest acts from other labels to join us:

Us Kids Know

Atom Band

Pregnant Seabass

and off course the KRNGY's newest arrival.... Make-Overs

Some Info


Since their appearance in August 2010 Make-Overs has played sevaral shows ans ae allready in the process of recording their first album wih the KRNGY logo (set to be released in December 2010 if not sooner)

We are obviously calling in our favourite mechanical friends....

The fostex E-16 Open Reel and Our Desk : )

Two Unmixed Demo Tracks are all ready up on the my space account for a a little sneak peak preview

Make-Overs My Space Link

Some Photos from past events:

Slumber Party 1

Us Kids Know:

Us Kids Know recently had their Problems Album Launch, in 2009 the KRNGY logo helped Us Kids Know record their Friendship test EP at the Gem Bioscope in Johannesburg, it was a weekend of hard work, cold hard floors, rubber bullets, rain and lots of coffee! The EP was released on their own label Vuvuzela Incorporation. Here's some links....

my space link

Us Kids Know Friendship Test EP

Us Kids Know Launch on So Many Animal Calls

Atom Band:

Newly emerged Johannesburg group:

Face Book Link

Pregnant Seabass

The KRNGY Logo has convinced Ben, Anja and Cameron to put together a special noise band just for the evening and to our surprise they jumped right in! This is gong to be awesome, a once in a lifetime experience but maybe, hopefully not!

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